Friday, September 4, 2009

Top things that make me happy

In spite of having to slave away for endless hours in preparation for the upcoming exam, I've decided to compile a small list of the things/activities/places that never fails to cheer me up or brighten my mood during the clouds of sorrowfulness (like now for example). I suppose every individual has their own specific list of things that they enjoy doing whether its by their solitary selves or shared joyously with others. For me, I'm more of a solitary person; I've never been much of an extrovert for the majority of my life and prefer to dwell in pleasures that can be attained by my ownself. So anyway here's the list:

1) Watching movies either from dvds, cinemas, series or just downloading videos from youtube.

2) Listening to invigorating updated music or tunes that soothe the soul with the likes of Josh Groban/Celine Dion/Mariah Carey while talking a brisk walk outdoors. I find that the simple act of just walking (preferably outdoors where you can enjoy the scenery rather than a treadmill where you just basically walk on the spot) really helps to calm my nerves and release tension. Its by far one of the most rejuvenating experiences and very much of a stress reliever for me. Furthermore the music helps make the walk more relaxing and enjoyable. After some time, you hardly feel as though you are walking more like drifting in your own private world.

3) Looking at scrumptious food posted on food blogs and researching on the best restaurants/coffee shops/cafes which serves the best food. Its quite fun to read other people's reviews of the place and nothing beats reconfirming your opinions/beliefs when you actually go to the place. Nowadays its extremely popular for people to find good eating places on the web and you can actually earn a living by becoming a well-known food critic. There are countless or millions of food blogs or websites set up by the restaurants/coffee shops themselves (note: even durian and mamak sellers have their own official websites) or by random ordinary people in the hopes of sharing their culinary tastes, their discoveries of wonderful or interesting food or displaying their home-made recipes.

4) Reading novels (although I do not have the freedom to do so) and magazines especially celebrity gossip.

5) Meeting up with old friends or those that I have formed an exceptional strong emotional bond with which includes relatives. Socialising with others is important although I have mentioned that I am not exactly a very sociable, outgoing person but neverthless the art of conversation helps to bring people closer together to share similar or opposing views, lend a helping hand and offer support and advice in times of crises or just the very presence of someone close to the heart (whether or not words are actually spoken) is enough to make anyone feel warm, loved and special.

6) Window shopping at shopping malls, street markets/pasar malams or anywhere interesting. I'm actually very careful about not being thrifty and will only buy things of absolutely necessity or items deemed on sale. So I often live by the slogan 'Look but do not touch' or in this case not buy.

7) Spending time with family. I've been brought up my entire life to be a homely person and my family has always been a well-knitted one so its vital for me to be in close contact with my parents who have been with me during my ups and downs and trials and tribulations.

8) Basically having the entire day free of stress (even if there is absolutely nothing to do) and not having to worry about exams/assignments/deadlines/urgent errands. Having the luxury to wake up, sleep and eat whenever I like, unlike nowadays when I am basically rushing through even my own basic needs and hygiene (eg: eating or taking a shower hurriedly so that I can quickly get back to the books and feeling absolutely guilty even if i watch a single dvd/movie as every second is extremely crucial).

9) Taking a trip to the supermarket. Many people often find it a chore to do their gorcery shopping but I actually find it quite entertaining to walk down the supermarket aisles and catching a glimpse of the newest food products or stocking up on old supplies. Its good to be updated and nowadays with modern technology, food supplies and kitchen-ware are advancing so rapidly you hardly need to spend hours slaving away at the kitchen whipping up a decent meal when you can have your favourite food already cooked or just pop it into the oven/microwave or else dump everything inside a slow cooker or a turbo-oven and let the electromagnetic heat waves slowly and surely stew/roast your meal to perfection (not to mention its far healthier than deep fried foods). Furthermore, the nutrients from the food are retained if they are roasted/oven convectioned or stewed as often fried or even stir-fried foods especially vegetables lose their vitamins and minerals when they are cooked in oil or boiled at high temperatures just to produce a dish that is fast and easy to cook. Its been noted that the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes which are proteins denature at high temperatures. That's why soups/stews are extremely nutritious (not to mention very tatsy due to the many hours of stewing and boiling from a lower heat source) as the actual minerals, vitamins and even collagen from the meat, bones (calcium included) and assorted vegetables leech out and are retained in the broth. So even if you just drink the liquid you are consuming the soup that is enriched with these essential nutrients. That's why soup is well known for its health benefits which includes cough and cold remedies, ensuring proper rehydration and correcting salts that are lacking, replenishing certain dietary deficiencies, curing fatigue and helping osteoperosis due to the calcium that has leaked from the bones especially if its a fish soup.

So there have you it. As you can see I'm very much of a simpleton and don't really require extravagenous things to satisfy me.

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