Thursday, September 24, 2009

As time draws closer, a sense of dread and anxiety is increasing in the pits of my stomach. The pressure to perform well and the absolute neccessity to save myself from the brinks of failure (due to the recent MCQ exam in which I performed horrendously in) is nerve-wrecking. Its an attempt to rectify my mistake and help boost up my overall mark in the examination.

I was never good in clinical examination i.e Physical examination and history taking; in fact they were and still are MY WEAKEST POINT. And don't get me started on neurology, I have absolutely no heads or tails about the matter and the same goes with ECGS and radiology (CT scan/MRI and X rays). Furthermore, i haven't been very keen and optimistic in looking for patients with good signs so that I can recognise them easily which help put me in an advantage in the examination. I have almost nil experience in detecting murmurs, crackles, wheezes which are highly likely to be tested which means I am basically going to fail this exam.

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