Thursday, February 12, 2009

First entry


I've decided to start a blog to record my journey through life; its ups and downs; its miracles and failures and simply just to express my emotions, thoughts and opinions on life's trivial matters. Just a short introduction on myself; a 23 year old female who is a final year medical student at the UNSW embarking on a quest of medical knowledge who stresses very easily especially during examinations but somehow has miraculously pulled through in the past(thankfully) by God's Will. Basically a simple girl who enjoys life's simple pleasures such as curling up with a good novel or downloading music (when not bustling through the hospital's corridors during clinic hours). Not exactly the typical girl who goes crazy over mega sales in shopping centers but would much rather prefer an hour's workout in the gym or a game of tennis. Enjoys socialising with friends but not into clubbing or heavy drinking although I wouldn't dispute that the endorphins and adrenaline released from a night out of booze and dancing does combat stress from the workplace. I must admit, I am a pessimistic person by nature which often leads to endless hours pondering over minor mistakes and fretting over them.

Nevertheless, a normal person does have a few good traits although we often focus more on the negative aspects (as such as my case). We have to put our positive assets to full use and either forget our flaws or draw them to a bare minimum. Anyway, I shall stop now on introducing myself; after all only time will reveal my inner personality as isn't this what a blog is for?

As for now, signing off,

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