Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boredom put to use

Tonight, I had a brief discussion with my parents on my internship application. Sigh, conversations like these can be short but they leave a lasting impact and you find that later during the day, your thoughts often dwell heavily on the words spoken and topics highlighted. I am grateful that I am given the upper hand in choosing where I want to apply for my internship (and most probably residency) year. Found a couple of useful websites for medical internship in other parts of Australia (interesting to note is the basic intern salary):

1) South Australia (Adelaide)-
salary as for 14 April 2009 is $56,925 (GPSS) pa plus shift penalities (afternoon, night and weekends), overtime and the ability to salary sacrifice and 6 hospitals to choose from.

2) Victoria (Melbourne)- PMCV (Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria) conducts an intern computer matching service to allocate all intern positions to 14 Victorian
Selection is made by the hospital/health service, taking into account three (3) PMCV online referee reports and any other hospital/health service specific application requirements (e.g. academic history, interview, CV, covering letter etc). Salary ranges from $44,559-51,527.

3)Western Australia (Perth)- Salary is $53,500 and 3 hospitals.

Other places in the world:

PGY2 is S$3500 sinaporean dollars per month and then additional S$750 per month accomodation allowance and various other variable rate bonuses.

Singapore PGY2 total salary per year before tax S$51000
tax S$2008
* For residents of singapore. Foreigners would have to pay $7650 in tax for a total $43350 total (15% flat rate tax for foreigners)

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  1. tough choice isn't it? i believe all these hospitals should give good training so any one of them should be alright. the only difference is that if u do your internship in australia your licence will be recognised there.if not u will have 2 sit for a exam if u decide 2 practice there in future. but if u have no plans 2 work in aistralia then that will not be a problem. so u will have 2 think of your future plans.whatever you decide u will still be a doctor it is only where u want 2 practice. i will support whatever decision u make. choose what u really want.