Sunday, June 28, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

This is a tribute to Michael Jackson who sadly passed away at the age of 50 years old due to a cardiac arrest. No one can confirm the cause as the autopsy is currently being conducted and also toxicology results take a couple of days; if not days to be released. Despite being accused a sexual molester on two occasions whih both cases ending up in court, was seen by the public dangling his baby on the balcony thus stirring up news instigating him to be a bad parent, suffering years of physical and verbal abuse from his father (or so he claims), building a Neverland park intended for young children to visit and shamelessly saying in a video footage that it was perfectly alright for young boys to sleep in his room, going through astounding physical transformations such as his nose lift and his skin bleached, and his less than 2year marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, he was still an extremely good entertainer and will definitely remain a legend in the history of musicians and in the entertainment industry. In my opinion, his dance moves and singing probably sparked a new era of music videos that not only included the artist singing the lyrics to his song but an actual video/movie. He was seen as an inspiration to many famous artists today including Britney Spears, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Usher and if you actually watch their videos, some of their moves are an exact imitation of Michael's like the legendary 'Moon walk'. He has apired many artists and dancers who one day dreams of making it big like MJ. For instance, there was this tiny chap called Wade Robson who idolised Michael Jackson so much that he spent endless hours practicing and copying his moves. He was spotted on Star Search in 1990 and impressed and captured the hearts of the judges and people as well MJ himself worldwide as an upcoming protege dancer. (He has also starred in one of Michael Jackson's music videos although I cannot recall which one). Today he is a well known music video choreographer and hosts his own show called the 'Wade Robson Show' on the lookout for similar talented dancers across America. Anyway I'll leave you with one my favourite videos 'Smooth Criminal' by MJ and a video compilation of his live performances and two footages of the Wade Robson one as a child and now as a successful dance choreographer.

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